Where do we begin?

So I thought it would be a good idea to show you all some before pics of the house so you can really see what we're working with -- along with some plans and inspiration images so you can see where we're headed. So without further ado... 

Here she is. Cute huh? 


The house really checked off all our boxes for what we wanted/needed in a "forever home". Only thing is, it's a wee bit outdated. Here are some pictures of the kitchen... 


It's a good size, but those wall ovens are older than I am and that island is so small! Here are the bedrooms upstairs...


Which you access via one of the tiniest, most narros little staircases I've even seen: 


Such a big house and that wall is just aching for something more grand, don't you think? 

More exterior pictures: 




The yellow paint job, Spanish tile roof, and shutters all scream IDENTITY CRISIS to me. I really feel like she's got more of a cottage vibe going on underneath.